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Sources of Information

Sources of information

As a newcomer to Canada, you can find help in many places, such as:

Immigrant-serving organizations

Canada has many immigrant-serving organizations (ISOs) to help you settle in Canada. Their services can give you information and advice on living in Canada. They can also help you with:

  • looking for a job
  • learning how to get your credentials recognized
  • improving your qualifications and skills
  • finding a place to live
  • enrolling your children in school
  • finding a family doctor
  • getting a Social Insurance Number and a Health Card
  • learning about government and community services for newcomers
  • registering for free language training to help you improve your English or French language skills
  • making a realistic budget
  • getting emergency food aid
  • general problems you might have

These organizations offer their services in English and French and sometimes in other languages as well. Call or visit a local ISO in your city or town to learn about the many ways it can help you settle in Canada.

The telephone directory (the “phone book”)

The phone book has a complete list of local telephone numbers. You can get it in print and online.

The printed phone book has three main sections with different colours:

  • The White Pages show home telephone numbers in alphabetical order by family name.
  • The Blue Pages show government information telephone numbers in alphabetical order by topic.
  • The Yellow Pages show business and service telephone numbers as well as ads. The Yellow Pages are in alphabetical order by type of business or service.

You can find emergency telephone numbers in the first pages of printed versions (911 is the national emergency number).

If you do not have a phone book, you can get a free copy by mail. The printed versions of the phone book are different for each city or town, so make sure you ask for the one you need.

You can see the Yellow Pages and the White Pages online for free.

Learn more about communications and media.

City maps

A road map of your new city or town is an excellent source of information. You can buy maps at:

  • bookstores
  • convenience stores
  • gas stations

Free maps are available:

  • online
  • at municipal tourist offices
  • at information centres

You can also get maps for public transportation and bicycle paths. Cycling maps are generally available at bicycle shops, bookstores and municipal information centres.

Government information sources

Federal government

Use the search tool or look under the list of departments and agencies to find one that deals with the service you need information about.

Service Canada has a variety of federal government programs and services that you can access online, in person, by phone or mail. There are more than 600 Service Canada Centres across Canada.

Provincial and territorial governments

Visit the provincial and territorial governments’ websites to learn more about the different programs and services available to their residents:

Provinces and territories also have resources and services to help you settle.

Other levels of government

The official website of the city or town where you live is also an excellent source of local information on many different topics and services.

Consumer information

The Office of Consumer Affairs has information to help buyers with decisions. The Canadian Consumer Handbook has information on:

  • online shopping;
  • contracts;
  • housing and home renovations;
  • identity theft;
  • collection agencies; and
  • much more.


You can find free information at public libraries. Most have Internet access and resources on many different topics. Many libraries also have book and newspaper collections in many world languages. Staff can help you find the information you need. Some libraries have settlement workers who offer a range of services to help newcomers.

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